Oct 5, 2009

Grocery Budget 09/27-10/02

This cost me nothing out of pocket, because I used a $25 gift card that I got for bringing a new prescription to CVS.  I spent $18.41 on my gift card, got back $12 in ECB.  Details on this deal are  here.

The above photo was my shopping trip to Giant Eagle on Sunday night.  It cost me $28.36, and I got a $4 catalina on my next shopping order.  I also bought a gallon of milk, 3 newspapers, and a dozen eggs for $5.83 on Tuesday.

This photo is of my Rite Aid shopping trip this week.  I spent nothing out of pocket, as I used my Rite Aid check from last month's Single Check Rebate.  It cost me $11.60, but I am getting back $14 in Single Check Rebates, so a $2.40 moneymaker.

The two photos above are from my KMart shopping sprees.  The total out-of-pocket cost was $27.60 for $205.20 in goods!

My weekly spending if I include the KMart shopping trips was $61.79.  I justified my going over my weekly budget and salved my throbbing conscience with the thought that I really am not planning to do any shopping this coming week!

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