Feb 22, 2010

Beginning Ebay Seller Tips

Today I am attempting to STOP the procrastination!  I have loads of items to sell on Ebay, so I hauled it all out and I'm working on it!  As I've worked, I've thought of a few tips that I've gleaned from experience and other sellers.

1. Presentation

  •  Take a good picture(s) of your item. Try to take the picture in natural lighting and with a neutral background. Try to show as many angles of the item in one picture as you can.
  • Use spell check and an easy-to-read font that is large enough to read.
  • Use Ebay’s Simple Seller Form to make listing your item simpler.
  • Use key words that will attract people to your auction.  NIB- new in box, NWT - new with tags are some acronyms commonly used.  Avoid non-descript words like "the" or "nice".  You have 55 character/spaces, so maximize and use it all! State name brands, condition, size, number, or anything that will bring views to your item!
2. Precision
  • Accurately describe your item with some detail as to size, color, or other qualifying descriptions where appropriate.
  • Fully disclose flaws or imperfections in your item. An incorrect item descriptions is grounds for poor feedback!
  • Be clear about when payment is expected, if returns are accepted, where you will ship (international or not), how and when you will ship, and what steps you will take if payment is not received within the accepted window of time.
  • Communicate clearly with any questions or emails.  Quick response time and clear answers are important to selling your item. 
3. Price
  • Check completed listings for similar items to see what the item is fetching.
  • If you aren’t positive an item will sell, set your starting bid low enough to attractbidders, but high enough that you won’t lose money if there are few bids.
  • If you are positive an item will sell, set your starting bid very low ($.99) to attract bidders.
  • Be reasonable with your shipping fees! I generally charge $4.99 for shipping on any item that will fit into USPS Priority Shipping Tyvek envelopes. There is no weight restriction on these envelopes—if the item fits, it ships for $4.95!
  • Use usps.com to ship your items Priority Mail—there is no waiting in line, you receive a 10% discount on your charges, you can order Priority Mail packaging and shipping supplies for free delivered to your door, and you can print the postage right at home. Your postman will pick up your items at your house as well!
  • If you don't expect to make a large profit from your sale, try to limit the Ebay fees to their selling commission.  Don't tack on extra fees for additional pictures (if one will do), multiple categories, gallery plus, Buy It Now, etc.
  • The first five listings within a 30-day period are free for auction-style listings using Sell Your Item and Simple Forms.
4. Period
  • Time the ending of your auction when more people are inclined to be shopping.  More people tend to be home and browsing on Monday - Thursday and in the evenings.
  • List seasonal items when the retail stores do.  List boots, coats, and winter paraphanelia in October, spring and summer in mid-March.  School items (like curriculum) should be listed in the summer for optimum sale prices.  (If you're like me and have procrastinated, don't worry what season it is--just get it out of the house!)
  • In my experience, seven-day auctions give you the most exposure.  Unless it is a time-sensitive item, consider this auction style first.

2 lovely comments:

Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

My son-in-law is an outstanding eBay seller and buyer. He builds and races dragsters (street and rail) so he has both bought and sold items as large as a car trailer and and as small as backup lights. Your suggestions are right on target! I was able to clear some bookcases by selling paperbacks my Beloved Husband had stuck back. Instead of one at a time, sold in packages of three by the same author. Worke fine!!

cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

was wondering.....are you selling gracie's sock too? :)