Mar 29, 2010

Grocery Budget 03/21-03/28

Better late than never, right?  Ummm... life is in high speed right now, and I'm woefully stuck in low gear.

I spent $52 at Giant Eagle on the items above; I split my order into two, so I could use the catalinas from my first transaction on my second transaction, but my cashier wouldn't let me.  He said I had to use it on my next trip...not a big deal.  I received $10.50 in catalinas on my next shopping order.

I spent $9.39 on these diapers at CVS.  The body wash was free; I spent $11.99 in ECBs, and received $9 ECBs back.

I spent $0 out-of-pocket on these diapers and wipes, as I am still using a Rite Aid gift card loaded with Single Check Rebate money.   My total, though, was only $3.74!! I was pretty pumped after walking out of Rite Aid. I will be getting $2 back in SCR.

Weekly Spending: $61.39
Monthly Spending: $197.75
Monthly Budget: $160 - $197.75 = $37.75 overbudget

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