Mar 25, 2010

Pacifier Addiction Slain!

Identify the difference between the two pictures below. 

What is the missing element?

Figured it out, didn't ya?  It is oh. so. obvious, and I am so proud to announce that our home is paci free!  This was a surprisingly easy battle.  I had expected a real fight, and had read and heard a few horror stories.  All we did, though, was take away the paci except for bedtime and naptime, and at first, she would whine for it, and ask for "Pee, pee" and hold her mouth.  After a couple of days, she stopped asking for it.  A couple of days ago, we quit giving her the paci at night.  She talks for a while before dropping off to sleep, but she hasn't really fussed much.  That makes me one happy momma!

I count it a finer thing in life that I no longer have to pull the plug out of her mouth in order to snap a picture, nor do I miss the frantic "paci search".  We have at least five pacifiers in the house at any given time, but when you need one, they all seem to go missing. Know what I mean?

So...I have a question, and I would so love some mommy tips.

I still dream of potty-training Grace before the end of April.  I have made two whole-hearted attempts of which neither have really gotten us where we wanted.  The first attempt (putting her on the potty every hour or so and giving her M&Ms) was successful in that she learned to overcome her fear and actually sat on the potty.  The second attempt (letting her run around without a diaper on, and racing to the potty when a pee or BM was in progress) was successful in that she now tells me when she has gone "stinky", by pointing to her bottom and announcing, "Stinky!" with a wrinkled nose.  However, she refuses to admit while she is in the midst of the business that she is "occupied".  If she is obviously straining, and you ask her if she is going stinky, she adamantly replies, "No!"  Within a minute, she is pulling on my dress, pointing to her bottom, and saying, "Stinky!" 

What help or advice might you who have been there suggest?  I'm open to any ideas!

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Alicia said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on the pacifier weaning!
I haven't potty trained yet, so I'm not sure about that...