Jul 13, 2010

My Newest Piece of Frugal Furniture!

Six months ago, I sold my piano for $200 on Craigslist because it was just not suitable for an apartment.  It was a beautiful spinet piano, but it was just too loud.  My neighbors on the third floor could hear me practicing!  We even put a sheet of felt between the hammers to soften the volume, but it wasn't very effective.  I was sad to see it go, but it really was essential.

About the same time, I purchased a digital piano on Ebay for $400.  It was a very simple used Yamaha model, exactly what I wanted.  Unfortunately, it didn't have a stand.  A friend graciously lent us their "X" style stand to use until we found something suitable.  My husband made plans to build a stand with scrap wood that he gets free from work.  I was a bit skeptical if I would ever see it finished, as he has very little leisure time.

A couple of weeks ago, he started measuring, cutting, sanding, and painting, and on his day off (July 5), he finished it!  I was so excited!  It is really beautiful, and it looks so professional!

The only things purchased were paint, nails, nuts, and brackets.  I would say the total cost was around $20!

3 lovely comments:

Goat Gal said... Best Blogger Tips

That is very professional looking.

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Super nice!

Mrs. Murdock said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! That is really great! I want one:)