Aug 6, 2010

I'm So Blessed!

I am blessed.

I am happily married and have a beautiful daughter and another soon to come.  I have a close family and church, and my every physical need is met.  We are debt-free, here on earth and in heaven.  My friends are numerous and invariably generous.  I doubt most people in the world could claim all of these great blessings.

I am blessed.

A little chocolate milk moustache and goatee

This week I was privileged to spend the entire week with my two-year old, training her to use the potty.  I had many moments of frustration, but I think she is learning.  I was grateful to spend these last few days exclusively with her.  I had to put aside other "priorities" in order to focus on this goal, and that meant that she was front and center.  I'm glad I was able to do that, as I'm sure the next few weeks will bring few opportunities for "just Grace time."

I told her to smile, and this is what she came up with!  What a nut!

We have received a number of lovely gifts from friends, who have been anticipating the arrival of our newest addition.  I have had so many friends and family offer assistance of time and help.  Most appreciated, though, have been the notes and reminders of the prayers that have been offered on our behalf.  I used to secretly wonder as a younger child as to the sincerity of those who said they appreciated people's prayers more than their tangible gifts.  Having since experienced the power of our miracle-working Father, I can much better understand that sentiment.  My heart really is touched to overflowing when I know someone has sincerely sought the Father's throne on our behalf.  Earnest prayer is hard work.  It is not a casual engagement. 

One of the gifts that we received was a gift bag of goodies from a sweetheart in my husband's parent's church.  One of the goodies was two toy shopping baskets filled with little food items for Grace.  I had intended to save it for her birthday.  During one of our potty-training marathons, after reading the fourteenth book cover-to-cover (no exaggeration!), I suddenly was overwhelmed with fatigue.  I told Grace I needed to rest on the couch for a little bit, so she insisted on bringing me books on the couch.  Shortly thereafter, she found those shopping baskets and brought them to me and asked me to open them. 

I hesitated, but then decided it might be a good diversion so I could rest.  Amazingly, she happily played for the next hour with those baskets of food.  I was able to rest and was so refreshed to begin the battle again!  I was never so grateful for such a seemingly small gift in my life!

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