Oct 18, 2010

Kid's Craft - Decoupage Crayon Can

This was a fun little project we did last week.  We had been keeping Grace's crayons in a ziploc baggie, but they kept breaking.  We finished off a canister of Ovaltine, so I decided to repurpose it as a crayon can.  I just kept thinking that if I covered the outside with paper, it would very quickly get ripped off.

Then I remembered that beautiful product--Mod Podge!  It works triple-time as a sealer, glue and finish, so I just pasted it on the back of the paper and slapped it on the can.  Giving it a bit of time to dry, I put a coat over the paper to seal it.  Then we made the crayon label, and put a final finish over the label and the paper.

Just a word of warning--Mod Podge will smear ink during application, so just give printed materials one coat to avoid smears.

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