Nov 14, 2011

Two-Week Dinner Plan 11/14 - 11/27

Tortellini Soup, Quick Breadsticks
Grilled Turkey Bacon 'n' Cheese sandwiches, tomato soup
Thanksgiving Dinner at church
Beans and Rice Burritos, tortilla chips, salsa
Pork Chops, Potatoes au gratin, mixed veggie blend
cheese hot dogs, hashbrowns, peaches
baked chicken breasts, baked potatoes, carrots
chicken rice bake
Kielbasa with pasta, applesauce
BBQ meatballs, potatoes au gratin (from the freezer)
Thanksgiving Dinner with family
Open-faced turkey sandwiches, potato cakes
Chicken nuggets, hashbrowns, fruit
Eggs, English muffins

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