Dec 13, 2011

Homemade Holiday Potpourri

I've been simmering this simple potpourri on my stovetop for a couple weeks now.  It reminds me of wassail  and cinnamon rolls.  It gets me all nostalgic and Christmas-y.  It's a happy smell.

Homemade Holiday House Spice
Peel of a citrus fruit (I've been using the clementine peels we've been eating!)
Cinnamon stick or tsp. of ground cinnamon
5-6 whole cloves or tsp. of ground cloves

Directions: Add ingredients to a small saucepan of water, place over lowest stove setting or in crockpot.  I use a warming zone on my stove.  Keep an eye on it, and refill water when it begins to evaporates.

Be sure to warn husband before he gets home, so he doesn't salivate and ask where the cinnamon rolls are when he steps in the door.  Seriously.  My husband thought I was baking up something delicious the first time I made this.

Do certain smells remind you of people and places?  Every time I smell White Rain hairspray I think of a former pastor's wife.  A certain potpourri (not this one!) brings back a flood of memories from a childhood home.  What scents trigger memories for you?  

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TyKes Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so simple and festive! Another method is to just stick the cloves into the skin of a whole orange. Warming it on the stove sounds like it would fill the whole house faster, though. Thanks!