Dec 2, 2011

Something Fun Friday {Bath Paint}

The girls had a blast with this bath paint that I mixed up for them.  I gave them a couple pastry brushes, (What? It's all I had!) and they painted the tub and themselves for half an hour of giggly fun.

Tear-Free Bath Paint
1 cup clear tear free soap (I used Johnson's)
2 Tbsp. cornstarch
Food coloring, 3-4 drops
Small containers with lids (I used baby food tubs)

Directions: Mix soap and cornstarch with a whisk until cornstarch is completely dissolved.  Separate soap into containers and add food coloring.  Give your kids a paintbrush, and let them clean your bathroom!

Note: The pink gave Leah a rosy face, actually her forehead, so rinse sooner than later.

2 lovely comments:

Marcia said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cute idea! I think I'll try that with WT! :-)

DeAnna said... Best Blogger Tips

Guess what all the toddlers in our life are getting for birthdays this year. I love this idea! And commercial products like this cost a fortune.