Feb 1, 2012

Dad's 60th Birthday Surprise

My oldest brother lives with his family near Seattle.  I live near Cleveland.  2400 miles apart.  My parents and my older brother's family live in Chicago.  For one magical day, we were together.  For a surprise celebration. I wish you could have seen Dad's reaction when we walked in the door. Priceless!

 Siblings together for a day of surreal delight.

Dad in custody on his way to the "fine dining experience".


Everyone inspecting the visual history of Dad's 60 years of life.
Are you curious what they were all looking at?

Shots like this. A family reunion - I'm guessing 1976 or so? Mom, can you help out?  Don't you love those gleaming old cars in the background!

And this. (Mom's capping ceremony - her mom on the left, dad's mom on the right)

Grace's birthday gift for Grandpa.

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