May 23, 2013

12 Legitimate Reasons I Haven't Blogged {Picture Proof}

 I've been instructing in proper ink placement...

...and correcting misplaced stamp art.

(Note the blob of toothpaste on the toilet.) 
We have thoroughly explored oral hygiene

and gotten hands-on experience with canned cricket anatomy.

Runways have been strutted in true fashionista style...

meanwhile maintaining healthy habits and sanitary surroundings with liberal doses of non-fluoridated toothpaste--{thank you, Lord!}

We've waded through sticky situations,

and returned for another course in the remedial ink placement class.

Now we're actually considering a PhD in that ink placement study...

 and follow-up with a solid study in clean water sourcing.

We rounded out the month with a texture and taste test in the field of non-edibles...

...and finished with a small exploration into sensory development through painting with alternative materials.

Any questions?

5 lovely comments:

cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL! LOVE how she is hiding behind the stool next to the toilet! You have your hands full- you poor thing! but..that face..she's too cute:)

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Bless you, April! And what a cutie she is, too.

Debbie said... Best Blogger Tips

The vaseline makes me think of your hair the time Hod smeared it with vaseline!

Jolene said... Best Blogger Tips

Totally cracked me up because I am there with my 2-year old boy Micah as well. A friend referred to her little one as a "hurricane on two legs" today, and I could completely relate to the feeling! LOL!

annabelle82 said... Best Blogger Tips

This girl!!! You have your hands full lol!!! Glad you can take pics to show her in the future :)