Sep 10, 2009

Grocery Budget 08/31-09/06

This week I was privileged to have 7 guests visiting from Chicagoland! The picture above is of my daughter and niece; my niece, Chloe, was helping my daughter, Grace, walk to the house after church. Grace had just learned to walk alone the day before, and was still struggling a little. My brother's family, as well as a dear friend and her 3 boys came to see us over the long Labor day weekend. We had a great time, and we ate well. We ate every meal at home, except for carry-out pizza for dinner on Labor Day. Need I say more? Maybe I do. This blog is as much for my accountability as it is anything else. My grocery spending this week was $146.45. Ouch. Double ouch.

This does include a trip to Kmart for Super Doubles, where I spent $28.77. That may seem like a lot, but it was all essential items that I needed. The only non-essential item that I bought that I thought was a wise investment was re-chargeable photo batteries. I paid $8.50 after coupon discounts for them, but I know they will be worth every penny and more!

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Together We Save said... Best Blogger Tips

I hate the weeks I blow the grocery budget. I had to send my girls to the quick mart for some hash browns I thought I had in the freezer.... $3.69. Double the grocery store!!