Sep 21, 2009

Grocery Budget 09/14-09/19

Confessions: I think I need to be a little more realistic in my goals at this point, so my weekly grocery budget is going to be modified to $50. Since I must do most of my shopping at a location I can walk to, it has been a little difficult to keep under $40.

I went shopping last Monday, and purchased all of the items in the above photo for $18.48.

Tuesday night, Ben needed to go to Lowe's, so he dropped me off (by myself!) at the Giant Eagle in Strongsville, which by the way, is offering double Fuelperks! I spent $39.45 for all of the above, plus got $3 in catalinas off my next shopping order.

Total Spent This Week: $57.93 --I'll try harder this week!

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