Sep 12, 2009

Marc's Update!

I just got back from the Seven Hills Marc's (on Broadview Road) on a tip from a friend (thanks, Mrs. Stewart!) that BONELESS, SKINLESS chicken breasts were $.99 per pound. That seemed too good to believe, but lo, and behold, it was the truth. Every little bit of it. I paid $12.45 for all the meat pictured above!

Apparently, I'm not the only one who knows an unbelievable deal when they see one. The folks in line behind me saw me unload my basket full. The husband said in a stage whisper, "It's chicken breast, I think."

The wife replies in the same whispering voice, "I wonder if it's on sale..."

To which I conspiratorially reply, "IT IS. 99 CENTS!"

Wife: "It's BBBBBOONNNEEELLLESSSS.....?!?!?!" (She almost couldn't say it in her excitement.)

Me: "Yes, boneless and skinless."

Husband, wife, child, and cart exit check out lane.

The next guy in line pushes his cart up, leans over towards me, and says, "Did you say chicken breast?"

Me: "Yep! $.99 cents!"

Next guy: "See ya later!" as he too turns back and heads for the meat dept.

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