Oct 17, 2009

Grocery Budget 10/10-10/17

 this week.  I know... bad girl.  I really am gonna do better this week.  Did I say that last week?

This is an internet picture of the three half gallons of ice cream I bought last Saturday after I did my weekly budget post.  They are still at a dear, patient friend's house until I retrieve them.  I paid $2.97 for all three.

This was my Wal-Mart trip that cost me $3.94, but I paid with a gift card, so I'm not counting it.  1 bag of Nut Clusters is missing.

This was my Rite Aid trip. It cost me $20.47 out-of-pocket, but I am getting $54.89 back in rebates.  My grocery budget total includes the OOP, but not the rebates, so I could pad the numbers with my rebates, but I'm not going to.

This was my Giant Eagle and CVS trip.  The two boxes of Kashi cereal cost me $0.00 at CVS.  Seriously, I didn't even take my wallet out.  I had two $3 coupons from a VocalPoint mailing, and they were on sale for $3, so they were free.  The other stuff cost me $8.79 at Giant Eagle.

This trip was a little weird to calculate, because I split an order with a friend, so I calculated it based on my final cost after catalinas and reimbursement.  The pasta sauce was all on clearance, and I had coupons, plus there was a $1 catalina on the purchase of 3 Pregos. Each organic Prego ended up costing me $.79, and each Ragu was $.54!  The total shopping trip was $10.24.

Today put me over the top on my budget, but we are having two TEENAGED boys over for the weekend, and I suddenly recalled that growing boys require frequent refilling, plus I decided to splurge and spoil them a bit.  We are having the melts tonight for dinner, and they were only $1 a piece after coupons and sale. The meat was $1.79 per lb.  I got about 6 lbs. here.  I've done better before, but I was running low on my freezer stock, and I didn't want to run out.  My total here was $14.05.

Thanks for enduring yet another bad week of grocery budgeting.

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angie said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice deals! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I haven't decided if I am going to Rite Aid yet this week:) Hmm...is that Organic Prego any good?