Oct 22, 2009

My Mailbox Fairy

I love checking the mail!  I always have enjoyed it, probably because it's so full of potential.  Every day there's a chance that something unexpected will be waiting there for you.  I had so much fun retrieving my mail this week, that I thought I'd share my joy with you!

This came on Monday...

It's my alice.com order of $.48 and my three free full-size children's homeopathic products from Boiron that they so kindly sent to me to try out for free since I'm a mommy blogger.  The offer is no longer available, unfortunately.

This was my Splendidlife.com order that came Wednesday.  I paid $4.48 for all the stuff shown.  It is a spoon, 8 cupcake/cookie patterns, 1 cookie cutter, and 4 Benecol coupons.

VocalPoint sent me this 28-day sample of Olay Professional Pro-X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream (ya know, because I'm a prune already), PLUS they included (5) $10 coupons off any ONE Pro-X product.  That is a high value coupon for undoubtedly, a high priced product.  I have faith that we will find a sweet deal with these coupons, however.

Now, wasn't that fun?  If you haven't signed up to be a VocalPoint member, you really ought to.  I have been a member maybe 2 months max, and I have already received deodorant, the cream above, and some high value Kashi coupons that made for free cereal.  You don't have to do anything except sign up for free offers, try 'em out and then leave honest feedback on what you thought of the product.  They want you to give the coupons to others you know, or you can be stingy and use 'em yourself.
Go here to get in on the fun!

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

GREAT!!! I can't wait for all my stuff to start coming. Since I started following your blog I enter almost everything to get free stuff.