Oct 21, 2009

Shutterfly Saga

I finally finished my order with Shutterfly.  Unbelievable.  Too much stinkin' time.  That's all I gotta say.  By the last project, I was much faster, but it still took me a long time.  I ended up getting 3 photo books, 1- 8x8 hard cover and 2- 5x7 soft cover, shipped to me, for a total charge of $4.85. If I had been thinking, I would have tacked on 3 free cards using the (duh!) 3FREECARDS promo code, but I forgot.  Nonetheless, it was a great deal.  3 more Christmas gifts behind me now.   Plus, I went through ebates.com and will be getting 10% back, so my grand total is $4.45.  Not bad, not bad.

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