Oct 9, 2009

Thanks, Mrs. Barth!

I was blessed to get 5 cups of raspberries from my pastor's wife's raspberry bushes, so I made some freezer jam.  I usually do the traditional canning method, but it can be time-consuming and it seems to lose some of the just-picked flavor with all the processing.  Since I only had one batch's worth of berries, I opted for the freezer method.  Raspberry jam is at least $2.50 for 8 oz., and My Ben likes it, so this is a real treat!  I used 5 cups of sugar, and I used the pectin that I had purchased in bulk last year in Amish country. Those were my only two expenses,  so the cost per half pint was only $.25!

And while I was busy with my jam photo op, Grace was busy in the fridge... just thought I'd share that to keep things real around here.

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