Nov 23, 2009

An Appliance Acquisition

Oh Happy Day!  I got my very own chest freezer!  I have been scouring craigslist for weeks now looking for a small-ish freezer.  I just happened to look on Ebay on Thursday night, and I saw the beauty above.  I snatched it up the next day for only $29.88.  I was tickled pink.

Since we had to pick up the freezer ourselves, we borrowed my in-laws' van.  Ben surprised me and made a date out of the occasion.  Let me just say, I don't remember the last time Ben and I went on a date alone and to a restaurant where we sat down and ordered our food.  I think it has been since before we moved to Ohio, so I guess about a year and a half.  Ben's boss (a church member) graciously offered to watch Grace for us, and we had such a nice time. 

Ben used to tell me many times, "Good things come to those who wait."  It's not Bible, but it's a wise proverb.  Waiting for things that you desire makes you appreciate them even more once you get them.  That has been true for me in marriage, child-bearing, and many other areas.

I am very thankful for this little freezer because now I can stockpile meat, veggies, and hopefully try my hand at OAMC (Once a Month Cooking).  I am also thankful for a wonderful husband, who understands the security of living within your means, but I am also thankful for the occasions when he spoils and surprises me!

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6 lovely comments:

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

we have a freezer (extra one) too, it's great. I am happy for you!

Keeper of the Home said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a great price for something that you will love using. Oh how happy and proud I am for you. You got a great deal on that price ~ what a bargain. GOD is so good!

~Mrs. M

Hannah said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, what a great price! I hope to get a chest freezer someday...and I will surely appreciate it, because I expect I'll still be waiting a while (no space for now!)
Happy Thanksgiving!

cinthia said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome I am soooo happy for you...I know you've been wanting one for a while now. Enjoy!! Also sooooo happy that you were able to get a date out of it too, you definitely deserve it!.....:)

annies home said... Best Blogger Tips

we have two fridge and a freezer

Alisa said... Best Blogger Tips

That's great! My Christmas present this year is supposed to be a deep freeze! I can't wait to get it so I can start stockpiling freezer items. Stockpiling pantry items has saved me so much money already. I'm so excited for you!!!