Nov 7, 2009

Grocery Budget 11/1-11/7

I made one grand shopping trip and a couple of quick trips this week. 
All told, I spent $63.71 this week, $13.71 over my budget, but I got some really great deals and my pantry and freezer are loaded!  I have room in the refrigerator for some deals this next week though (Philly cream cheese for $.61 at Giant Eagle!)
A friend of mine ran to Marc's to grab some deals, and she picked some up for me.  I got 6 lbs. of all-natural, boneless, skinless chicken for $1.69/lb., a 10 lb. bag of Idaho potatoes for $1.49, and shredded cheese for $.99/8 oz. bag!  She also picked up two clearance mozzarella balls for $.50 each! 
$16.00 spent on the items below:

While she was at Marc's, I was at Giant Eagle picking up all of the items pictured for $47.48.  I got essentials like meat, milk, cheese, bread, eggs, juice, and sugar, along with some clearance Halloween goodies. 

Here's a close-up play-by-play from left to right:

The cheese was $.50 each, the Sobe was free, the Nut Clusters were $.90 (splurge!), the Cheez-its were $.50, the juice was $1.59, the Crunch were $1, the sugar was $2.59...

The M&Ms were $.94, the cracker snacks were $1.40, the eggs were free, the cheese sticks were $2, the garlic was $.31, the milk was $1.98, the Dial soap was $.55, the Baby Ruth was $1...

the brown sugar was $1.79, the Sobe was free, the bread was $1.69, and the meat was BOGO at $6.59! The receipt said I saved $78.67.  Considering that I bought 54 items, I thought this was a good trip.

Today Ben graciously took me to Target so I could pad my stock of peanut butter.  Ben eats a PBJ sandwich every day for lunch, so this is an essential pantry item.  They were on sale $1.93 at Target, there was $1 Target coupon that expired today, and I had $.40 mfr coupons to go with it!  Each cost me only $.53!!!  The Scotties tissues were free.  I would have spent $5.98, but I had some money left on a gift card, so I paid nothing OOP.

Lastly, I hit CVS on the way home from visiting our Sunday School children, and I scored three Dawn handsoap for the price of the tax --- $.23!!  They were on sale for $.97, and I had (3) $1 off any Dawn Hand Renewal, so I couldn't pass it up!

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Tosha said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the play by play photos. Do you and your friend split the stores often? That is a great idea to save you both time, gas, and money!

Charlene said... Best Blogger Tips

Great buys on all of your stuff--especially cheese-I never see it that cheap around here, and we go through lots of cheese!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Dawn Hand Renewal was on sale for 97 cents? Darn, I totally missed that this week. I too have been stocking up on PB at Target. I really like the natural kind.

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