Nov 14, 2009

Grocery Budget 11/8-11/14

You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see my stellar find of the week, so just be patient, and bear with me.  (I knew you least I think you will... pwwweeeezzz?)

The usual Sunday night run...$3.73.  I haven't figured out yet why I never seem to have crackers on Sunday night.  If you look carefully at the boxes, though, you will see that they have the $10 toy rebate advertised on them.  That means I only have to buy 3 more specially marked cookies or crackers to get  a $10 rebate on the toy of my choice.  Go here to get the rebate form.  I also got 4 cookie cutters (2 pumpkins and 2 moons) for $.17 each.  Thought they might make a nice little gift.

Giant Eagle had a great catalina deal on Land O' Lake butter and Philly cream cheese, plus the egg and cake pan deal is still live, at least till the end of November.  I had to get a raincheck for the cake pan, as they were out of them when I made these purchases.  I also bought 2 Sunday newspapers during this trip, but I forgot to take a picture of them.  This trip cost me $13.61.

This trip cost me $40.88, but I am only counting $28.92 from the grocery budget, as the candles will be gifts.
Here's some close-ups of this trip.

I'm too tired to give you the breakdown because it is after midnight.  Grace has a virus of some type, and I am trying to keep an eye on her temperature which skyrocketed to over 102 degrees, so that's why I'm posting at this ungodly hour.  The only deal I'll highlight is that I did score 85% lean ground beef for just $1.67/lb. with a reduced to sell sticker!  I love getting meat on sale.

This cost me $3, and I got a $2 catalina in addition.

This was my Rite Aid trip which cost me $14.20, of which $13.51 was for the digital photo frame.  I also spent $21.70 on a Philips 5.6" digital photo frame (they were both on 75% clearance), but I failed to take a picture.  (hardy, har, har - no pun intended!)  I was totally pumped about the photo frames, as Amazon is selling the Philips for $79.99!  I would imagine this deal is available until they are all gone, so it wouldn't hurt to check next time you are there.  Of that which I spent, I am only counting $.70 from my grocery budget, as the photo frames will be gifts.

Ben also made a short run for me Thursday, and he spent $8.87, but I didn't get a picture of the trip.

Of the money spent this week, $58.83 was from my grocery budget.  Not a stellar week by any means. There's always next week....

2 lovely comments:

Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

Good job! And I pray for Grace's health our own g-grandd was sick with type A flu just a week ago. We thought she had a relapse, but now think that temperature was due to teething. Hard to tell. Wish you were next door so I could borrow some cream cheese for a bagel breakfast this morning!

Alisa said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks like you got a super deal at Giant Eagle! I know just the butter alone is quite expensive! I wish we had a Giant Eagle down here!! :) It is so hard for me to stay in my budget when I see an awesome deal! I always tell myself that I can go over my budget this week and get it at a good price or pay double for it the next week! I'm really trying to be more disciplined!!! ;)