Nov 17, 2009

My Shopping Receipt

Can you believe the length of of this receipt?!?!  At least half a tree, no?  Unbelievable.... but so were my savings!  I paid $41, and saved $140.97!  Can someone say MAJOR COUPON HIGH?

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Rock, Paper, Scissors said... Best Blogger Tips

What store is that for?! It looks amazing!

BTW, you left a comment on my blog a few weeks ago, and I happen to be a few weeks behind in responding.

I have a list of good chicago deal blogs, have your mom email me and I will send her the links.

Also depending on where she is located, I do classes and field trips if she is interested.

my email is

Alisa said... Best Blogger Tips

That's great! My receipts have become so much longer since I started using coupons! ;)