Dec 2, 2009

Freezer Cooking Day

Now that I have a deep freezer, I am attempting OAMC.  Actually, this first time I'm not plunging in really deep, as I'm just not ready for that.  But I did bake a turkey Monday night, and I wanted to use it up.  So I'm attempting to make five turkey dishes with my 16 pound tom. 

They are:

Broccoli Turkey Supreme (without the water chestnuts!)

Spinach Turkey Roll I am actually using ground beef for this one, as I don't have ground turkey.

If I complete this list, then I have grand visions of making:

Blueberry Muffins (from Better Homes and Gardens red gingham cookbook)
Chocolate Chip Cookies ( from BHG cookbook)

3 lovely comments:

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks great I am going to bake a turkey the beginning of Christmas break I will keep these recipes in mind.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I made the broccoli turkey supreme. Thanks for the recipe! (I made it with water chestnuts - but I chopped them.) 2 of 3 kids approved. I thought it was good.

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

I would say a 66% success rate with kids is pretty good, especially considering there was BROCCOLI in it! :) I can't wait to try mine. I used a Broccoli Cheddar Rice Mix and I added some cheddar cheese as well. It looked so yummy!