Jan 28, 2010

Look if you Dare...

OK, everybody, if you are a brave soul, you will venture into a very scary world with me...

my cupboards and food stash.

Are you ready?  You must promise to continue reading my blog after viewing this post.

After you see this, you may think I could do a Eat From the Pantry Challenge for the next year.

Feel free to grab your hard hat and any other protective gear you feel you may need.

You will need it.

I'm ashamed already, and nobody's even seen this yet.

This would be my baked good cupboards.
The second shelf is basically packed with Nestle Morsels.  And that's not all of my Morsel stash, either. 

Here's the rest of the Nestle Morsel stash--located on TOP of my cupboards, because I ran out of room IN the cupboards.  I think I have around 35 bags or so.

Since I showed you the top of some of my cupboards, I might as well finish the job and show you the rest.  The tuna and potato flakes, tin foil and canning supplies, and a few more Nestle Morsels thrown in for good measure.

and more pasta and tin foil...

My canned and dried goods stash--soups, broths, noodles, spaghetti sauces and more.

Some more dried goods and pasta...

Really, there's not much organization to my cupboards at all, but I prefer to call this my crackers and miscellaneous cupboard.

Now that I've bared my shameful cupboards and stash to you, I'm thinking I better go organize them.  Ben wants me to get rid of the stash on top of the cupboards, so maybe I'll get it done.  I'll even try to redeem myself and post some now-organized pictures!

2 lovely comments:

loves2spin said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so impressed! Looks to me like at least YOU know where everything is. Organizations if all very well and good, certainly, but the main thing is to accumulate the extra food to prepare for emergencies (like job loss, power failure, bad weather, sickness, etc.) You an organize it anytime! Like I am fond of saying, once you clean your house, it looks just as good as if you had done it every day.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

what a great idea to store on top of the cupboards. (now why didn't I think of that). You should see my pantry. I am not scared in the least at yours :)