Apr 17, 2010

Grocery Budget 04/11-04/17

At Giant Eagle I spent $19.24 on these items.

I also spent $3.25 at Target on 2 lb. of brown sugar and a bottle of reduced-sodium soy sauce.

I also received $15 in rebate money from Olay that goes into my grocery budget.

Weekly Spending: $22.49
Monthly Spending: $147.07
Monthly Budget Remaining: $12.93 + $15 = $27.93

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Rebekah said... Best Blogger Tips


I have missed you, girl! I didnt know you guys were back in Ohio. Is the hubby working for his old pastor? What are you guys up to? I Do love my amazing adventerous life...and I cannot help but marvel at the loads of blessings in my life to be doing what I do and where where I am.....It seems so surreal sometimes, and so absolutely normal. I feel like I was always meant to do this and like I couldnt possibly do anything else....but at the same time, I still cant believe this is my life. Traveling, teaching full time, living in another country...meeting the most amazing people...being continually blessed.... God is good.