Jul 24, 2010

Grocery Budget 07/18-07/24

Life has had me by the tail lately, so I haven't been consistent about posting my weekly grocery budget.  In fact, I haven't even been keeping very good track of my spending this month.  I blew the budget the first week of July, so this week is probably all over the budget, even though I got some great deals.  I'm blaming it on pregnancy...why not? :)

Giant Eagle: $48.23
Crystal Light: $.50 each after q (coupon)
Yogurt: $.27 each after q
Baking Cups: $1.29 each
Baking Powder: $2.79
OJ: $3.49
Peaches: $.99/lb
Apples: $1.69/lb
Romaine Lettuce: $.99/lb
Pam: $2.48 after q
Mini-Wheats: $.88/each after fuelperks! and q
Cherries: $2.88/lb
Eggs: $1.28/doz

CVS: Spent $0 out of pocket after ECBs and gift card
Zantac: $2.99 after ECB and q
Playskool wipes: $1.44 on clearance
Huggies: $3 moneymaker after FREE q and ECB

Rite Aid: $0 out of pocket after using SCR money from last month
Diapers: $4 moneymaker after FREE q, $2 SCR and $2 UP reward
Zegerid: $6 moneymaker after q's and $7 UP reward
Cottonelle: $3.99 after q's and $1 UP reward
Toothbrush: $.50 moneymaker after q and $1.50 UP reward
Olay cleanser: $2.99 after q (helped me qualify for the $30 SCR skin care rebate after spending just $18 out of pocket!)

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Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

Pregnancy is as good an excuse as any! This shopping trip appears quite frugal. Appreciate the info.