Oct 1, 2010

This Week's Peek

A little rest on Dad's part and afternoon calisthenics on the girl's.

A rare gentle moment.  Grace's finesse is still a little rough.

Yes, that is an entire stack of Post-It notes...

After all that hard work, she fell asleep standing.

Love, love, love this little cheesehead.

Her first haircut, and the curls are still there! :)

I'm starting to feel pretty normal again, now that Leah is sleeping 10 hours or more at night pretty regularly.  Hallelujah!  I'm hoping to get back to regular posting soon!

2 lovely comments:

Cassie said... Best Blogger Tips


I'm totally jealous that Leah is sleeping 10 hours! Brooklyn hasn't slept more than 8 hours at a time (and when she did that Chloe woke up in the night! LOL) and she's almost 7 months old! Looking forward to seeing you in a month though!


cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

I hadn't realized how curly Gracie's hair is...I love her new do! Arturo has also fallen asleep standing many times though...very funny!Cute pics!