Feb 3, 2011

Conversation Hearts Framed Art

I'm not crafty.  I have no wellspring of creativity within me.  I envy people who can just *think up* the cutest ideas from their own little noggin.  Not me.  Generally I just copycat someone else's ingenuity.  

Let me introduce you to the extent of my creativity.



How do I create such beauties, you may ask?  I stamped the letters on scrapbooking paper with some foam alphabet letters that I just bought on clearance at Jo-Ann's this week.  The frames were some that I've had hanging out in a box in the closet.  The white ones were all scuffed up, so I used some sandpaper to get the bad scuffs out.  The fabric flowers are my latest little copycat endeavor.  They are easy-peasy.

Aren't they so cute?

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