Feb 12, 2011

This Week's Peek - February 12

Grace's imagination is budding into full bloom, so she has been coming up with some pretty wild things the last few days.

Her favorite rain boots. The perfect accessory to every outfit.
She told me that Chloe (her cousin in real life, but also her imaginary friend) was sitting next to her..
"Chloe's right here, mama, right here.  Playing the xylophone."  *pats the floor*

Black knee highs make charming elbow-length dress gloves.
This morning she walked out of her bedroom while I was feeding Leah.  She was wearing NOTHING, save her favorite footwear, her rain boots (on the wrong feet of course), and announced,
 "I'm going to the store, mama, for apples.  For you, mama. I'm gonna get you apples."  
Rather non-plussed, I asked if she planned to put some clothes on.
Looking a little thoughtful, she replied,
"Yeah, where are my gloves?"

After a bath this morning, Ben put Leah sans diaper on our bed, and she promptly watered the bed.  I guess the sheets are getting changed a little early this week. :)

2 lovely comments:

annabelle82 said... Best Blogger Tips

So funny!!! "Where are my gloves?" HA! Leah is getting so big too! I love her gummy smile :)

cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

did you cut Gracie's hair? looks real cute in that last pic! I love that she thinks she can go to the store without clothes but of course not without gloves!!Leah is such a cutie!!!