Apr 28, 2011

Finally Foot Loose....Amen.

Spring's balmy breezes and warming sun has finally arrived, amidst the April showers.  The girls and I had a glorious morning outside, reveling in the deliciousness of squishy ground beneath bare feet and coatlessness.  (I love inventing words.) Did I mention how wonderful it was?
 Leah was quite content to stay in my arms, squealing with delight any time her big Sissy came within arm's reach. 
 We sauntered over to the pavilion on our grounds, where Grace found a stick with great proportions.  She transformed it, at varying times, into an ostrich, an alligator, and a couple other creatures.  I think she was giving me an ostrich in this photo.  I accepted it, of course, understanding the full gravity of such a gift.
 The wind was blowing deliciously, just enough to tousle your hair, but not so much that you blew away.

Have you enjoyed some spring loveliness yet?

2 lovely comments:

cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the boots! That pic of you and Leah is too cute!! Can't wait to see you all again...soon I hope =)

Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

Truly spring the toes spread into the grass (and hopefully squishes a bit of mud, too!)