Apr 5, 2011

Pretty Pink Piggies - Crocheted Mary Janes

Last week I had a crochet itch hit me, so I scoured the internet for a baby "mary janes" pattern.  I found one that seemed best for my limited skills here.  Of course, I refused to pay for one, so it's free if you're interested.  Just right-click and print.  However, I did alter it as I *knew* they wouldn't stay on Leah's feet as written.  I moved the strap down by two rows, which helped, but I think I need to make the heel higher, so this may be an evolving pattern.
She wasn't particularly fond of them, but she looked so cute in them!

3 lovely comments:

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE them! Wish I had an ounce of your creativity!

cinthia said... Best Blogger Tips

very cute! she does look very cutsie in them:)

Andrea Speckhals said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are very cute!