Jun 15, 2011

A Love Story

Ben's grandmother visited from Arkansas.  Lovely lady. Great visit.  Ben's grandfather passed away this past January, just two days after they celebrated their 68th anniversary.
I loved to hear Ben's grandfather tell stories.  He was one of those people who could vividly recall a tale, true or not, and he always had one to share.  The story of how they met is probably my favorite.  Ben's grandfather, John, was a 20-year-old all-American young man when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  He went to his local army recruitment office to enlist, but was turned away.  To his dismay, he was not an American citizen.  His parents had moved to Cleveland from the Toronto area when he was just a baby, and somehow had failed to have his citizenship confirmed.  He immediately crossed the border and enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

One day while enjoying some leave, he and a friend noticed a church near the base and committed to attending.  One Sunday morning they made it out, and arrived in their dress uniform shortly after the service started.  Grandma Isabel was in the choir, and noticed the visitors.  She had just been elected the president of the young adult's fellowship committee, and as such was expected to greet all new visitors of young adult age.  However, John also noticed Isabel, and to her dismay, began to communicate his interest from the pew.  He stared at her and every time she looked his way, he began to bounce his eyebrows at her. Coloring, she turned away, refusing to look at him.  As the choir made their way to their seats, a fellow committee member urged Isabel to greet the young cadets, much to her chagrin.  After the postlude, she dutifully introduced herself to John and the other cadet, and invited them to return for the evening service.  Of course, John returned and asked to walk Isabel home from church. (swoon!)  She accepted, and on the walk home, invited him to attend a young adult activity on the following Tuesday night.

To be continued...

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Simply Jessabells said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning.Theresa is so generous. I can't wait for the items to arrive.
Your story sounds so interesting. Classic war story of how many woman met their husbands back then.
Many Blessings,

Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

I met my Beloved Husband through our church visitation program. What better place for college girls to visit than the boy's dorm at Tulsa University?

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this story and can't wait to hear more!!!