Sep 29, 2011

Crazy Conversations {Talking with a 3 year old}

The girls and I were laying on Grace's bed, enjoying our morning snuggle, when Grace announces, "I'm not your girl anymore."
Me: "You're not?"
G: "No, I got married."
M: "Oh, what's your husband's name?"
G: "Doodie."
M: "Doodie?"
G: "Yeah, Doodie."  (Head to the side, shaking head, lips knowingly pursed.)
M: "Oh.  Do you have children?"
G: (Sighing) "Yeah, we have....(counting on fingers)1...2...3. We have 3."
M:  "How many boys and girls do you have?"
G: "We have (counting on fingers again) 1...2...3...4. Four boys."      
M: "What's their names?"
G: "Ummm...Galek, Doodit, and (I can't remember).
M:  "And how many girls?"
G:  "Uhhh...(blank stare, looks at fingers, and starts counting)...1...2...3. Three girls."

Apparently feeling a little unsure about her numbers and this whole offspring topic, Grace changes lanes.
G: "I don't see my husband much.  He works alot."
M: "Really?  Where does he work?"
G: (Thinks really hard, looks up to the right) "Ummm...he just works...he works at college."  (Gestures behind her with her thumb.  Apparently, college is somewhere back there.)
M: "What does he do at the college? Is he a professor? Does he clean buildings? What does he do?"
G:  "No, he doesn't do that.  He doesn't do anything. He just works."
M: "Oh, okay."

Grace: "Oh, there he is. There's Doodie."  (Points to the open bedroom door.) "Hey, Doodie!"
G: "Say 'Hi' to Doodie, mom."
M: "Hi Doodie!"
G: (Stands in front of me, pretending to hold Doodie's hand) "That's our house right there." (Gestures to the closet.)
G: "One of our boys is lost."
M: (Showing mild alarm) "You better go find him!"
G:  "Naw, he's fine.  He's just lost in the grass.  He's mowing.  He's 16."
M: "Oh, your children are older."
G: (Resignedly) "Yeah."

The END.


6 lovely comments:

cintha said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Boy..This is too funny!! Very adorable, Thanks for sharing. She looks so big!Cant wait to see you all soon.

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

hahahah so cute! I love it!

Debbie said... Best Blogger Tips

oH BOY! Gracies smile in the picture makes me think of her dad! Be sure and preserve this for the future!

annabelle82 said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!! I've never even met her and yet I can almost hear what she is saying! Sooo hilariously cute! I can't wait to carry on those kind of conversations with Lincoln!

Lynn said... Best Blogger Tips

Omg. I'm a little late to the game here but...I have tears running down my face from laughter. I had heart surgery last week and Grace's story is just what I needed! Lol! "Gestures to closet..." Bwahahahaha. Thanks Gracie!

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, Grace makes us laugh daily. I am so glad she made you laugh. I hope you recover quickly and completely, Lynn!