Mar 1, 2012

Things I Love Thursday {Releev}

About the time that my love story got ugly, I developed cold sores on my lips.  They were horrid, but I suffered through them handfuls of times.  Finally, I discovered this little miracle in a .2 oz bottle.  This microscopic bottle is completely worth its hefty price tag.  You all know me and my extreme distaste for paying full price, but I gladly forfeit my $20 for this little compound.

If you have had cold sores, you know that dreaded tingly feeling.  That is when you have to use this stuff.  You must apply it at the first indications of a cold sore developing, or its effectiveness is compromised.  In my experience, when used accordingly, it has completely arrested the development of the cold sore.  Compared to Abreva or Camphor-Phenique, it is hands down the best.

The product itself is a brown, runny liquid.  It is dispensed in a teeny plastic squeeze bottle, so I just give it a gentle squeeze, and smear my lips around till it covers all the tingly area.  It dries to a clear finish very quickly.  You are directed to apply it 2 to 4 times a day, and it's touted as a 1-day cold sore treatment, but I always give  it a couple days before I feel safe enough to not use it.

The toothpaste is a travel-size tube, so this give you a sense of the small size of the bottle.  I have had one that I used for over a year before it dried out.

For the record: Releev, and the company who produces it, is absolutely and blissfully ignorant of my existence on this planet, and I received no compensation for my hearty endorsement of their product.  

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