Mar 29, 2012

Crazy Conversations {Toddler Talk}

Late night pirouette-ing

The other morning Grace crawled into my bed where I was snuggling with Leah.  She brought along Becca, blue bunny extraordinaire and nighttime confidante.
Me: "Did you sleep well?"
Grace: "Yes."
Me: "Did Becca sleep well?"  (usually the answer is no)
Grace: "Yes, she slept for a couple of months, but I think she's constipated."

Alrighty then.  Thank you for that very personal update.  Making a mental note to pick up some prune juice.


Monday I was determined to get some more spring cleaning done, so I devised a very slick little plan.  I set the girls at the table with suckers, and told them they couldn't get up until their suckers were gone.  I then madly dashed around the living room, pulling out furniture, washing walls, and vacuuming 3 years of pretzels and raisins out from under the couch cushions.

While the vacuum was off for a minute, Grace stopped me to ask me a question.  "Mama, do you have gum in your chariot?"
Me, bewildered: "WHAAAAT?!"
Grace: "Do you have gum in your chariot?"
Me: "Um, I don't have a chariot."
Grace: "Oh."

Later that evening during dinner, I told Ben about our conversation.  He questioned her some more about what she thought a chariot was.  She said, "It's one of those sticks with candy and gum in the middle."  The translation is much clearer now. Chariot = Charmin Blow Pop Sucker


As I helped Grace pull her shirt over her head the other morning, she looked me in the eyes and said, "Mom, you're the best mom in the whole world."

I suddenly felt like superwoman.  It was a pretty awesome moment, and Grace is still recovering from the crushing bear hug she received from this mama bear.


Leah, my adventure seeker, has delved into uncharted territories this week.
She has explored the contents of my makeup bag in depth.
She has discovered the delicate art of diaper removal, even while wearing footie pajamas.
She has found that a surefire method of agitating her sister is to take her shoe or book or gum wrapper or used tea bag and run away with it.  Running just around the corner is far enough to ensure blood-curdling screams of injustice.
She has mastered a new technique for making her parents laugh instead of reprimanding her.

The End.

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