Oct 5, 2012

Something Fun Friday: Q-Tip Autumn Trees

Autumn, with its majestic color scheme and crisp morning breath, has gloriously swept into our little corner of the world.  We celebrated by making a simple rendition of the breath-taking color transformation we've been watching.

I got the idea for this simple art project from Pinterest--where else?!  The original inspiration is from an Italian teaching site called La Classe della Maestra Valentina; at least, I think it's Italian!  

I started with a couple pieces of cardstock.  I free-handed a simple tree trunk and used a cereal bowl to create a round tree canopy.

I was afraid of the potential disaster of 2 kids + 5 paint colors, so I used an old egg carton to dispense the paint.  I only let them dip one color at a time.  They wore those awesome bibs from Ikea, and we kept the used Q-tips contained to a peanut butter lid.  

Leah tired of this project pretty quickly, but Grace loved it.  So did I!  Very therapeutic!

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Very cute and simple. I want to try it using spring colors too :)