Nov 2, 2012

Apples and Pears and Pies, Oh My!

Back in September, I picked up 20 lbs. of pears at Aldi's for $.49/lb.  I made a bunch of pear sauce for the family and as baby food in the future.

  I used my new-to-me Vita-Mix blender.  I love this appliance. Seriously, calling a Vita-Mix just a blender is like calling the Grand Canyon just a hole in the ground. UH-MAZING.  It can make nut butter, hot soups and even ice cream!

I wanted to make pear sauce, but I dreaded peeling 20 lbs. of pears and it bothered me that the skins, which are so nutritious, would be wasted.  I decided to try using the Vita-Mix to blend the skins well enough to be undetectable.  Sure enough, the texture is so smooth, you would never know the skins were left on.

This thing does not mess around.  I sliced off a nice chunk of the tamper (seen in the background) once by using it without the lid and it got too close to the blades. Ben says it sounds like we're at the Indy 500 when it is running full-tilt! 

Pear sauce, canned and cooling

Apples, cored and sliced, ready to make applesauce and apple butter

Applesauce, canned and cooling

Apples - sliced, cored, peeled, and frozen - ready for a last-minute apple pie or crisp!

Apple peels from pie filling, boiling, to be added to the apple butter

Crock-pot Apple Butter, thick and spiced

Apple crisp

Apple pie, at husband's request

Pie, sliced and creamed

2 lovely comments:

Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh man! I'm coming to your house to eat! Save me a piece of pie!!

Reba said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey April,
I love the idea of using a blender to make the apple butter. I usually use a food sieve but it does take a long time and wears me out. Where do you get one of those vita mix blenders anyway?