Oct 3, 2009

MIA for Good Reason!

I have been a little slow posting things the last few days... please accept my apologies.  I have been a little busy with other things, like going to KMart and buying up the store!  The store closest to me was NOT supposed to be participating, but they were, which made it a gold mine for me.  Why?  Because I had all the good deals to myself.  Since very few people knew that this store was doubling, nobody had cleaned out all the freebies by the time I got there on Friday.  All I can say is... it was so much fun.

The goods pictured below cost me a total of $26.47 out-of-pocket, but the register total before my coupons was a whopping $147.57!

Because I had so much fun on Friday, I begged My Ben to let me go again today, and he graciously acquiesced, and he even sat out in the car with our cute little monster while I shopped. The items pictured below originally cost $57.45 before coupons, but my final charge was just $1.13!

My total KMart shopping spree cost me $27.60 for $205.20 worth of goods!

I also purchased these twins for $7.19 total.  I had (2) $2 coupons from here that doubled.  The original price was $7.05 for one.  A couple of little children I know are getting these for Christmas!

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Alisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow!! Super job!!!

Janet said... Best Blogger Tips

That is fantastic! Woot!

chooverwi said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job, April!!