Oct 7, 2009

Busy Little Baking Day!

This morning I got up motivated to make deep-dish pizza and find a sweet bread recipe to use up my yellow summer squash. My Ben is not that fond of squash, so I have to hide it if I'm going to use it.

When Grace woke up, I used the loaf of white bread that I got for $.34 at Giant Eagle to make some French toast.   

She really loved it!

While she was alternately tearing up the rest of the house and hanging on my skirt, I started the pizza dough for the deep dish pizza.

I had to knead it by hand, because my trusty but wimpy hand mixer couldn't handle the thick dough.

Next, I found this recipe to use up a massive yellow squash that I had from my garden.  The muffins turned out super moist and tasty. I'm not sure whether My Ben will like them or not, as they don't have chocolate in them.  He might be a little suspicious of the yellow hue, too.

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