Nov 21, 2009

Grocery Budget 11/15-11/22

I spent $8.74 for the items pictured above at Rite Aid, but I will be getting back $4.69 in Single Check Rebates.  The colorable flip flops were 75% off, so only $2.50, and I know they'll make a great gift!  The TP was on sale for $5.99, I had (2) $1 manf. coupons and I paired that with a $5/2 coupon from Rite Aid Video Values.  The toothpaste was free after SCR, plus I used a $.75 manf. coupon, so a $.75 moneymaker.  The lightbulbs were $1 each after SCR, but I had (2) $1 coupons, making them free also.  I also used a $4/$20 Rite Aid coupon.

On Monday night, I made the great Giant Eagle run.   I spent a total of $42.79, but I saved $144.18, for a total savings of 77%!!!  I posted my receipt from that trip here.  Wish you coulda been there, because it was so much fun.  I got 61 items free.  They are pictured below.  I got 20 cans of College Inn broth, 13 Zone Perfect bars, 8 Purina dog treat packages, and 20 Birdseye Steamfresh veggies FREE!

The items below cost me $.50 or less...

The following items were $.51 to $1 each...

These were the expensive items in my shopping cart.  The most money I spent on one single purchase was the Crisco oil, which was $2 a piece.

I made one last stop this week.  Ben let me stop in at CVS today, because my diaper stash is running dangerously low, and I had a couple of coupons that expired today at CVS for diapers.  I paid $3.78 for all of the items below.  I also used $5 in Extra Care Bucks. The really cool thing about this transaction was that, apparently CVS had already added their next week's sales into their scanner because the diapers rang up for $9.50, while they were supposed to be $11.99.  I only paid $4.50 for those diapers, and I am $9.50 on my way to a $5 ECB for a $20 Huggies Diapers purchase!

I scanned my CVS card at a entrance scanner at another CVS (mine doesn't have one), and I got a $2 CVS coupon on Huggies diapers, and another $2 CVS coupon on Huggies wipes!  I stacked those store coupons with a $3 Huggies Diaper manf. coupon and a $.50 Huggies Wipes Manf. coupon.  I also used (2) $1.25/3 Ragu sauce, which were on sale 3/$5 to score the pasta for $1.25 each, but I also got a $3 ECB.  I used a $5 off $20 CVS purchase coupon, and $5 in ECBs.

My grand total spending this week was $51.72!!! Woo-hoo, only $1.72 over my budget this week!

3 lovely comments:

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I mean, how did you get the items at Giant Eagle for free? Just with coupons and deals and things?

Tammy said... Best Blogger Tips

Great Job! It's really nice that you include so many pictures. I don't have a Giant Eagle but I think it is similar to our Kroger deals, a lot of your items look familiar.

Have a Great Week.

Aimee said... Best Blogger Tips

yay! hoping to go to cvs this week to do the diaper deal. i'll be sure to check the scanner first though for those awesome coupons. thanks for the tip!! we need to start some sort of blog group to post our deals on. :)