Jan 16, 2010

Grocery Budget 01/10-01/16

Another week of little shopping.  I am really trying to eat from my pantry this month, so I only made two really quick runs to Giant Eagle this week.  Once I ran to get milk and fruit, as shown in the picture above.  I paid $4.36 for these items.

 I also ran there tonight to use up some coupons for free items that were expiring.  I bought 8 half-gallons of Welch's Juice for $.50 each with coupons.  I also bought 10 bags of Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies that were all FREE after coupons.  My total at checkout was $4.00.  I failed to get a picture before I threw everything in the freezer and fridge, and I wasn't about to dig them all back out. :)

Weekly Spending: $8.36
Monthly Spending: $60.76
Monthly Budget: $160 with $99.24 remaining!

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Noelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Great deals on the Steamfresh! I need another deal like that. My frozen veggies are gone!