Jan 16, 2010

Sunday Silence

Haven't posted a Sunday Silence in a while, so I thought I'd share some more pictures from my trip.  I wish these pictures could convey the love and warmth of home that I always feel when I visit, but that's not possible.  Those qualities emanate from the hearts of those who fill that place, and a picture can never do them justice.

If you can ignore the camera lady's finger, I think Grandpa is spinning a tall tale to very interested listeners...

...apparently, the girls weren't the only ones in on the story.  This is mom and dad's other kids.  They are working to restore the fountain of youth in mom and dad.  Oh, and the coffee table in the background is the one that Grace busted her nose on while trying to give Charlie a hug the night before we left.

My little cutie niece, Chloe, during a milk and Oreos break...

...and Grace, in the midst of a Oreo snack, enjoying a kiss from Grandpa.  Excuse the aforesaid photographer's focus.

Mom and I.  I love this picture.  Moms are wonderful people.  Love ya, Mom!

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Love the oreo pics... nothing sweeter than kids and oreos.
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