Jan 21, 2010

A Must Read

If you are a married person, and I think most of you are or have been, you should go read/watch this post/vlog by Kristen and her husband from We Are THAT family.

If you think your husband doesn't fight daily to maintain righteousness in his life, then you are naive and a tad foolish, to put it lightly.  If you are aware of his battles, are you praying for him?  Do you help him fight?  Do you destroy (not just throw away or hide) images and material that would hinder his war?  Do you keep your marriage lively (you know what I mean) and joyous?  If not, you are not being the helpmeet that God intended you to be.

 If you're a mommy, are you guarding your child's mind?  Is your home a refuge from the world's temptations?  Even those JCPenney ads gotta go!  As a young girl, my job was to go through the Sunday paper and color in or rip out any questionable pictures in the entire paper.  It's good practice for your girls and better protection for your boys.  You must fight the devil for your children, because Satan wants them all, and he has their flesh on his side.  Thankfully, we already know that victory is ours through HIM.

This is a friendly public service announcement by your host at Frugal Homemaking. :)

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