Feb 16, 2010

FREE Downloadable Bible Studies, Helps and Music

The HEART ministry has a great line-up of FREE downloadable Bible studies, courses, and practical life and ministry helps. 

From their website...

"Our Bible studies have been designed as tools to help local churches, their members and others who desire to systematically study God's Word. Some are chapter-by-chapter or verse-by-verse studies of a particular book, others are topical in nature. The fill-in-the-blank format takes questions directly from the King James Version of the Bible and is free of commentary. The Bible studies are organized into courses. Each course consists of eight lessons. Each lesson has twenty-five questions as well as a suggested memory verse. Courses come complete with a Certificate of Achievement suitable for copying onto your choice of award paper for presentation and/or display."

"Our material is copyrighted. However, we grant permission to any gospel preaching ministry to reproduce, translate and distribute FREE copies of our Bible studies."

This includes lessons on Heart Matters, Bible Doctrines, Prayer, Old Testament Characters, Psalms, Proverbs, New Testament Overview, Pauline Epistles, individual Bible books, and Scripture memory.

This link includes a Ladies' Corner with meal planning and house cleaning tips, a Good Stewardship Study, and Leading Children to Jesus lesson.

FREE cello and piano hymn music MP3 download

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