Feb 20, 2010

Grocery Budget 02/14-02/20

I went to Giant Eagle and Rite Aid on Tuesday night and picked up all of the pictured items for $30.72!  My favorite purchase was the Wilton lip-shaped cookie cutter--it was 50% off during their post-Valentine's sale, so I paid $1.59 for it!  I can see some fun cookies shaping up with that! :)

A friend of mine ran to Aldi's for me!  I spent $4.97 on 2 gallons of milk and a 3-lb. bag of oranges!

Weekly Total Spent: $35.69
Monthly Total Spent: $112.42 
Remaining Monthly Budget: $47.58

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Keeper of the Home said... Best Blogger Tips

Great budget shopping. Good for you!!

~Mrs. M