Apr 3, 2010

Grocery Budget 03/28-04/03

This is the booty from my Giant Eagle heist this week. :)  It cost me $56.16 for 73 items, including an 8 lb. ham for $17.48!!

Breaking it on down now...
The 2 boxes of Ideal were free, all 26 Steamfresh veggies were free, the ham was $17.48, the sour cream was $.15 each, the hot dogs buns were $.89. the 1.5 dozen eggs were $1.92, the chips were $2....

The bananas were $.49/lb, the bolgona was $1.50, the canned fruit was $.36 per can, the powdered sugar was $1.69, the Uncrustables were FREE, the Shout was $1.90 each, the butter was $1.75 each, the canola oil was $2 each, the milk was $2.38 each....

the paper was $1.25, the hot fudget was $3 (hubby insisted I buy him some!), the OJ was $3.49, and the Ziplocs were $.36 each!!

I also splurged and spent $17.71 for picnic items because we went to the zoo yesterday, and we packed a fun lunch!  I forgot to take a picture. :(

Weekly Spending: $73.87
Monthly Budget: $160
Remaining Budget: $86.13

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