Apr 10, 2010

Grocery Budget 04/04-04/10

I get the award for worst photo quality of the year here, but my camera was in the car, and it was late and I was already in my PJs, so I used the webcam on my laptop.  This was my CVS run last Saturday, after I posted the week's shopping trips.  I spent $10.13 out of pocket.  I used $9.50 in ECBs, and received $5 in ECBs back.

Who needs a car when you got a stroller?!  I carried all of this food home from the store between the stroller basket and two re-usable bags that I brought along with me.  I had Jerold, the 11-year old I am tutoring, push the stroller, and I carried the two bags.  (For the record, my pectorals were definitely feeling it the next morning.)  All of these groceries cost me $39.22.  I also have $2 in catalinas for next week.  This trip included (7) 5 lb. bags of Domino sugar, (3) 1 oz. bottles of pure vanilla.  2 boxes of pre-cooked bacon, 1 jar of Miracle Whip, 4 boxes of Smart Taste pasta, 5 jars of Vlasic pickles, 1 gallon of milk, 4 boxes of Betty Crocker brownie mix, 3 packages of Easter candy, 2 cans of dog food, and a couple pounds of bananas.

Disclaimer: Those pickles are NOT for me, even though I'm pregnant.  I do not like pickles.
I also bought $1.36 on bananas from Giant Eagle during an early morning walk with Grace.

Weekly Total: $50.71
Monthly Total: $124.58
Remaining Monthly Budget: $35.42

2 lovely comments:

Alisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job on the deals and loading it all home! I'm impressed!! :) BTW, I LOVED pickles when I was pregnant. One night I ate a whole jar in one sitting! :) Hope your pregnancy is going smoothly and you are feeling good!

Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

No pickles? I knew I was pregnant when I craved Frito Chili Pie and a dill pickle! Good deals!