Jul 10, 2010

Grocery Budget 07/04-07/11

I spent $13.12 out-of-pocket at Rite Aid for these items, but I will receive a $2 Single Check Rebate for the diapers, and I got a +UP reward of $5 on my next shopping order there!  My actual spending then was $6.12 for two jumbo packs of Pampers diapers, a package of Pampers wipes, and a large bag of Tide Stain Release.  Woot-woot!

I also went to Giant Eagle and spent $15.17 on Monday buying a few items for a dinner party that we decided to throw that evening to celebrate Independence Day with a few friends from church.  I failed to take a picture because of the haste!

Weekly Spending: $28.29
Monthly Spending: $165.97
Monthly Budget Remaining: $34.03

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