Jul 31, 2010

Precious Little Punkin'

Today I had another ultrasound for a second opinion.  The ultrasonographer came highly recommended by my nurse midwife.  In fact, this doctor taught the doctor who made the original diagnosis.  Her analysis was very encouraging, and I am so glad we agreed to have another look.  This doctor saw no cause for concern and felt that we should treat this birth like a normal one until there was any contraindications to the contrary.

The ultrasound tech gave us a few shots that made me get all teary-eyed and fall in love with this little punkin' all over again.

Nose and lips

She also turned the monitor to 3D scanning, and I blubbered over these shots... :)

Look at those chunky cheeks!  I'm thinking she has a dimpled chin like her Grandpa Teesdale...not to mention those kissable lips like her daddy!

While we know anything is still possible, we felt a ray of hope that possibly this might be a normal birth experience yet!  Praise the Lord.  His way is best, whatever that may be.

5 lovely comments:

annabelle82 said... Best Blogger Tips

Sweet sweet sweet!!!! Praise the Lord! We'll keep praying as well :)

cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

Sooooo cute!!!! She is so adorable already.Awesome news and very encouraging :) April we are in continual prayer for you and this lil one...Cant wait to see her soon!!

Deena - said... Best Blogger Tips

Tomorrow is a day of serious prayer for me and I am adding you to my list of people to intercede for April. Just love you and want you to know you are thought of and wished the very best normal birth ever.

Mrs. Murdock said... Best Blogger Tips

April, she is beautiful! Wow...I can imagine your exitement. Prayers for you and that little one.

Marcia Hardecker said... Best Blogger Tips


She's so dear! Billy & I are praying that everything goes well for you and the baby. :-)